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How to install an AKT Solar solar charging Kit.

For a detailed demonstration of wiring a simple solar setup we recommend watching this video.

Installation on an existing system

If you have an existing system such as in a Charge controller wiring schematicboat or caravan, shed or anywhere you use a 12V battery for power then simply wire the panel to charge controller, then connect the battery terminals of the charge controller to the leisure battery (see Diagrams to the right and below). The charge controller will protect the battery from overcharging, vary the voltage to keep it topped up and maximise its efficiency and prevent the battery discharging through the panel at night.

How to connect the panel to the charge controller

All our panels of 40W or greater come with MC4 connectors, which are not needed if the panel is to be connected directly to the charge controller. Simply cut these off, strip off enough insulation from the ends of the cable and then clamp the bare wire into the charge controller terminals with the retaining screws.

Building a new system from scratch

If you are creating a new system – such as wiring up a shed or summer house – then it is best to use the output from the charge controller. This will protect the battery from damage through over discharging. The output can power an inverter if you want 240V AC electricity, for instance to power mains appliances, or be used directly by 12V DC appliances such as 12V lights, 12V fridges or 12V televisions.
What to connect to the charge controller terminals.