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20W AKT Solar Panel

20W AKT Solar Panel for Caravan, Boat, Motor Home, Garden by AKT Solar


Top of the range, rugged 20W monocrystalline AKT solar panel designed for use with 12V systems
Waterproof and maintenance-free, you can use this beautifully crafted AKT solar panel anywhere there's sunlight. Wherever you use it, you'll love sitting back watching it generating endless free electricity.

You can use the free power either directly, such as for powering pond fountains or fans, or with a 12V battery to then power hundreds of devices such as in an outhouse, boat or caravan.

In summer it will give around 5Ah of charge per day. Enough to fully charge a 30Ah battery in around 6 days.
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The long-lasting, high-efficiency, monocrystalline cells, tough, sealed, aluminium frame, waterproof junction box and high efficiency solar cable create a beautiful panel of unrivaled quality, designed to give over 20 years of consistent use. Multiple mounting holes ensure ease of installation.