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20W (+20A) Solar Charging Kit

With 20A charge controller and solar cables - Complete kit for a 12V system e.g. in a Caravan, Boat or Outhouse


This simple to wire kit contains all you need to fit solar electricity to a 12V (or 24V) battery system such as in a caravan or boat, without disrupting your existing power supply.
In summer it will give around 5Ah of charge per day. Enough to fully charge a 30Ah battery in around 6 days.
Read more about how much power you can expect to get from your AKT Solar panel

Sturdy, fully sealed 20W monocrystalline AKT Solar panel is perfect for permanent outdoor use.
20A Solar Charge Controller to protect and maximise efficiency of your leisure battery and protect your 12V system.
1.8m of twin core flex can be easily wired into the charge controller.

Clear instructions and simple components make it a doddle to wire up.
Click here view and download installation instructions for the 20A Solar Charge Controller
The only tools you will need are a standard screw driver and a pair of wire cutters (not supplied).
This is the perfect product for enabling you to harness the benefits of clean, green, solar electricity.