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10A Charge Controller

For use with 12V and 24V Solar Panels and solar arrays, of up to 130W (for 12v) and 260W (for 24V)


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This 10A solar charge controller is designed for both stand alone 12V and 24V systems and for adding solar charging to existing systems, without disrupting the existing power supply. It can handle single or multiple solar panels of up to 130W for a 12V system of 260W for a 24V system and is perfect for caravans boats and garden sheds or anywhere where you can benefit from free solar electricity.

The controller incorporates MCU (Modular Central Unit) and SCM (Smart Charge Manager) technology to intelligently charge your battery, prevent over-charging and over-discharging and ensure maximum capacity and length of life. Automatic 12V/24V detection and various over-current and over-voltage protection functions safety and ease of use.

The auxiliary output has 15 timer functions for powering lighting, or can be switched on and off manually powering your other electrical components.

Large screw terminals for easily connecting the wide diameter (high current) solar cables from one or more solar panels. Clear labels and easy to follow instructions make installation simple and straight forward. The only tools you will need are a pair of wire cutters and a standard screwdriver.
Click here view and download installation instructions for the 10A Solar Charge Controller