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Set of 4 Mounting Brackets

Packet of 4 Simple Zed-Shaped Aluminium Mounting Brackets, with Stainless Steel Screws and Washers.


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Simple Zed-Shaped Aluminium Mounting Bracket, with Stainless Steel Screws and Washers. These tough zed-shaped aluminum mounting brackets are designed for mounting your AKT Solar panel securely to any firm, flat, surface.
They hold the panel 35mm off the mouning surface which alows air to circulate behind the panel. This is important for keeping the temperature behind the panel as low as posible, as high temperatures reduce its efficiency.
Just four brackets are required to mount any panel in the AKT Solar range.
Being made or carrosion resistant materials (aluminium brackets and stainless steel screws and washers) they will hold your panel securely with for its entire lifetime (25 years).